The importance of law and order

Every country has rules and regulation to be followed by every person whether he is a resident or a visitor, a commoner or a government officer. Law forces and government make sure that these rules are being followed by every person. If someone is not obeying them he gets punished. Police, courts and other such forces work side by side to make these laws work. Every country has different fundamentals of law, some European countries like France, Italy and Germany follow the old ancient laws of Roman Empire on the other hand in USA and many other English speaking countries follow English rules and regulations.

There are different kinds of law that are being followed and the punishment also depends on the type of the law that has been broken. There are criminal law, civil law and international law.

Criminal law is to deal with people guilty for crimes such as murder, robbery and assault. It is not that a person will be punished just because someone has accused of some crime, police will investigate the crime thoroughly, will get all the proofs to and the court will considered the person guilty if the proofs will be against him otherwise he will be free of charges.  There is a process to follow for every person when the case is running in the court. The strictness of the punishment depends on the harshness of the crime that has been done. There are some cases in which court can show some politeness if the crime has been conducted by mistake or in any pressure. The jury system of every country is different from other but the method of judging the case is similar. Jury will listen to all the evidence, but keep the verdict secret till the end of the hearing.

Two important people in every case are defender and prosecutor. Defender is the lawyer who fights in the favor of the petitioner and the prosecutor who will fight against him.

Civil law is totally different from criminal law. It deals with family cases such as divorce, wills, custodies and other matters related to family, frauds, property cases. If the person gets cheated by other one can file a case against him in civil court. In some countries people get compensation if they get injured or have something damaged they can file a petition in civil court.

There are some international laws put together by a specific country. Other countries are free to act as they want about these laws. If they want to follow it, they are free to do so if not no one can force them for it. One of such law is human rights. USA adopted a declaration of human rights in 1948, which stated that every person has rights to live free, with security and protection. Anyone who thinks that he’s been ill-treated by any other person can contact to authorities. Europe also has certain human rights to follow. There are also animal rights, which state that animals also need to be treated with kindness and need protection.

All these laws are to make sure that people can live in a safe world and to make the world a peaceful place.

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